3:3:2 Studio’s mastering team, Pablo Lopez Ruiz & Diego Calviño, celebrated at Las Vegas the two nominations (Album of The Year & Best New Artist) for the amazing project Eduardo Cabra produced for Colombian artist Monsieur Perine.

Our congratulations to everyone involved, especially to Visitante13 & Monsieur Perine !


Monsieur Perine receiving the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist !

Album Of The Year Medal Nomination:


The Monsieur Perine Team on The Red Carpet

From Left: Visitante Calle 13 (Producer), Harold Wendel Sanders (Recording Engineer), Santiago Sarabia (MP), Diego Calviño (Mastering Engineer 3:3:2 Studio), Fab Dupont (Mixing Engineer Flux Studios NYC), Cata Garcia (MP) and Nicolas Junca (MP)

Red Carpet From Left: Diego Calviño (3:3:2 Studio), Visitante Calle 13 (Producer) and Fab Dupont (Flux Studios NYC).

Fab Dupont and Diego Calviño, sharing an especial Pre Ceremony moment.

Flux Studios and 3:3:2 Studio have been working as a unique Mixing – Mastering team for 4 years now !