Last March @332studio, we´ve had the pleasure to master eLDee´s new album ¨Undeniable¨.

Mixed by Fabulous Fab Dupont at Flux Studios NYC. Mastered @332studio by Pablo Lopez Ruiz and Diego Calviño

eLDee´s highly anticipated 5th. solo album includes hit singles ¨Higher¨, ¨Today Today¨, ¨Zombie¨ and ¨Wash Wash¨

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eLDee recently completed the Undeniable project, mixed all songs in Flux Studios, New York and mastered the album in 3:3:2 Studio, Argentina. According to eLDee “this is by far my most exciting album and I really want the experience to be truly refreshing for all my fans. I hope you enjoy the album as much as we did making it”.