Critically Acclaimed Surround Project Gets the Complete Treatment at

Elite Buenos Aires Studio

BUENOS AIRES: When a film receives as many accolades as Esteban Sapir’s The Aerial (La Antena), an outstanding score is sure to be involved. The movie’s richly cinematic 5.1 soundtrack was both mixed and mastered at 3:3:2: Studio, the world-class audio facility in Buenos Aires.

The prolific composer Leo Sujatovich selected 3:3:2 Studio to hone the 90-minute score’s 27 songs, a strikingly artful blend of classical and tango-inspired arrangements that reinforce the high concept approach to The Aerial. Sujatovich has been a frequent visitor to the fully equipped facility, following his previous collaborations with 3:3:2 Studio Chief engineer Pablo Lopez Ruiz on the Latin Grammy-nominated Tango Chamber Trio, three movie soundtracks and two additional CD releases.

Ruiz and Diego Calviño, Junior Engineer at 3:3:2 Studio, took full advantage of the rooms created by international firm the Walter-Storyk Design Group to make film mixes of astonishing depth and clarity. The result was international recognition for The Aerial soundtrack, including Paris’ Prix France Musique “Sacem de la musique de film 2009”, and the Gran Premio Clarin Espectaculos for “Best Movie Soundtrack.”

“This is a silent movie, that told a conceptual story with very nice aesthetics,” Calviño explains. “The deep score told a story and was integral to keeping the film going, so it was very important to respect that. Leo and Pablo have a unique relationship and a deep mutual respect – Leo feels safe here because he knows that what he hears in our Control Room A translates perfectly to theaters and DVD’s.”

The extremely accurate acoustics and monitoring systems of 3:3:2 Studio has established it among South America’s premiere mixing and mastering facilities since opening in 2006. There Ruiz, Calviño, and Sujatovich shaped the strings, brass, woods and acoustic piano elements using the huge set of tools available to them, including a fully stocked TC Electronic System 6000 unit, Massenburg EQ, Mytek surround ADDA converters and Lipinski 5.1 Monitoring System. DAW’s equipped with Digital Performer and Merging Technologies’ Pyramix provide extremely high levels of control.

“Here at 3:3:2 we love surround projects, especially when working with movie scores and large orchestras,” Calviño says. “We were really able to expand the orchestra depth, ambience and room, mainly using the T.C Electronic System 6000 and Altiverb 5.1 reverbs. It was a challenge to be sure that the score was going to translate well to large theaters, considering all details such as people sitting at extreme side rows, for example.

“The mixing was a natural process, with classic panning,” continues Calviño. “We did not send music to the LFE channel. Instead, to insure that the audience wouldn’t get distracted, the orchestra was sent mostly to the front speakers and ambience mainly to the back.”

Ruiz and Calvino returned to their highly accurate rooms to master the stereo CD release of The Aerial, providing the movie’s production team with a one-stop shop for taking their music from mix to master. 3:3:2 Studio is outfitted with one recording room and two control rooms, providing South America, and the entire international production community (via FTP), an elite mixing and mastering environment for stereo and 5.1 Surround. In addition to being one of the few Latin American studios to offer DSD-DXD technology, 3:3:2 is also proficient in CD, DVD-V, DVD-A, SACD, Blu-Ray, and theatrical soundtrack formats.

For the 3:3:2 Studio team, the multiple awards for The Aerial serve as official confirmation of a job well done. “Of course, we give Leo all the credit for writing such an amazing score, as well as everyone else involved who made this possible,” Diego Calviño says. “It’s really gratifying to know people around the world enjoyed the production you were involved with. We’re very proud to have contribute to a great film like The Aerial.”


Co-founded in 2006 by Diego Calviňo and Pablo Lopez Ruiz, 3:3:2 Studio is a world-class recording, mixing, and mastering facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed by the Walters-Storyk Design Group, the studio is equipped to work in stereo and 5.1 Surround. 3:3:2 Studio is one of the few Latin American studios to offer DSD-DXD technology, and is also highly experienced in CD, DVD-V, DVD-A, SACD, Blu-Ray, and theatrical soundtrack formats. The studio’s credits include Leo Sujatovich’s award winning score for the movie “La Antena”, Chucho Valdes, Sebastian Schon, Los Nocheros, Emanuel Ortega, Strings section mixing of Fito Paez’s film “De quien es el Portaligas?”, Mariano Otero, Liliana Herrero, La Mosca featuring Don Omar, Jorge Lopez Ruiz’s “El Grito” 30th anniversary remastering, to name just a few.

In addition to South American artists, 3:3:2 Studio routinely works with mixing and mastering projects from all over the world via FTP.   

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Written by David Weiss from SonicScoop, NYC.